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Stop paying too much for your prescriptions!

GoodRx is a prescription drug price comparison tool which allows you to simply and easily search for retail pharmacies that offer the lowest price for specific medications.


The cost for the same medications — even when using a network retail pharmacy — varies drastically from one drug store to the next. While prescription drug plan copays may be the same no matter which pharmacy you go to, the retail cost to your employer may be greatly reduced when you get your medications from a pharmacy that charges a discounted price. Lower costs to your employer can also help keep your benefits costs down in the long run.


Use GoodRx to compare drug prices at local and mail-order pharmacies and discover free coupons and savings tips. Find huge savings on drugs not covered by your insurance plan – you may even find savings versus your typical copayment!

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Ready to start saving on your prescriptions? 

Get started with GoodRx today by downloading the mobile app for savings on the go, or by visiting their website.

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